Available May 16th, 2017


Time-Restricted Eating for Better Hormonal and Metabolic Health

time restricted eating

Compressing your eating window, even without changing your diet, can have beneficial effects on your hormones. This guide will show you how to implement time-restricted eating properly.

Boost Your Athletic Performance with Ketone Drinks

young athlete

According to Dr. Mercola, adding ketone bodies into the blood stream would help improve athletic performance, particularly speed and endurance.

A High-Fat, Ketogenic Diet Can Help You Lose Weight

eating healthy food

Fat in food has always been said to have purely negative effects on the body, but according to Dr. Mercola, diets high in healthy fats actually contribute to cognitive and brain function.

Common Misconceptions About Weight and Fat

weight loss myths

According to Dr. Mercola, weight is not an entirely understood concept, and myths plague the understanding of other people’s idea of weight and their health.

Why Weight Loss Supplements Are Not Worth It

dietary supplement

Weight loss supplements are not recommended due to being potentially harmful to your health. Instead, proper diet and intermittent fasting are recommended.

Manage Your Weight by Eating Half an Avocado a Day

avocado diet

Avocados contain healthy fats that provide benefits, such as weight control. Combined with intermittent fasting, avocados are one of your best tools for achieving a healthier body.

Why Maintaining Healthy Probiotic Levels Is Beneficial for You

probiotic yogurt

Sustaining healthy levels of probiotics in your immune system can lead to benefits such as better health, weight loss and lower disease risk.

Work Out While Fasting With These 6 Bodyweight Workout Apps


Your mobile device can be a powerful tool in keeping you healthy. Discover how you can harness that technology through these six bodyweight workout apps.

9 Benefits of Adding Fiber to Your Diet

Psyllium Fiber

Fiber is a vital nutrient that can do wonders to your health. Discover the benefits of fiber and which foods are the best sources in this article.

These New Findings Prove Saturated Fat Is Here to Stay

omega 3 avocado

The latest findings in the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee’s scientific report showed that saturated fats actually are beneficial for you in the long run.

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